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IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) is a formal dinner event that aims to bridge the gap between students and their career goals. SPAC offers students and employers a unique opportunity to network with each other in a professional environment along with professionals and academics representing the field of Engineering

If you want to sponsor this event please contact one of our organizers..

Prepare to meet your Future

The theme for the night is “Prepare to meet your Future”. There will be 3 speakers at this event, followed by an hour of networking opportunities for the sponsors and students.

The keynote speaker for the night will be David Ritonja VP of ISAM Product Unit North America at Alcatel-Lucent.

The second speaker for the night will be Peter Kuciak, VP of R&D at March Networks.

And last but not the least, our third speaker for the night will be Ms. Celia Desmond President of World Class Telecommunications. She will share with the audience her incredible success story and how she reached the goals she had established for herself.

Company Booths!

Towards the end of the event there will be an hour long networking session where Information Booths will be set up by leading Hi-Tech companies. This will provide a great opportunity for students to network with industry representatives and find out what skills are required to enter and excel in a fast paced corporate environment.

Dinner Buffet !

Last but not least .. a scrumptious dinner buffet will also be served to mark this occassion.

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